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Publication Opportunities in Gender and Sexuality 2024

“We believe your paper deserves to meet its ultimate research destination!”

We are dedicated to support you through every phase of your journey in research publication. With the aim of locating your research to the right destination, the 7th International Conference on Gender and Sexuality 2024 has amplified its publication opportunities by partnering with TIIKM Publishing Support

Book of Abstract

All accepted abstracts for the the 7th International Conference on Gender and Sexuality 2024 will be published in the Conference Abstract Book with an associated ISBN 978-624-5746-72-9

We follow universally accepted ethics on publication in accordance with COPE Guideline

Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceeding is an option available for you to publish your full paper present in the conference. “Full papers” submitted for the Proceedings of the the 7th International Conference on Gender and Sexuality 2024 will undergo a double-blind reviewing process. Selected papers will be electronically published in open access format with the ISSN 2782-700x in the proceedings, accompanied by a DOI number (DOI prefix: 10.17501).

Conference proceeding is indexed in Google Scholar and Crossref, and we are committed to striving for indexing in Scopus, Thomson Reuters, and CABI for your papers.

If your abstract is accepted and you have paid the registration fee for the Gender & Sexuality 2024 you are encouraged to submit your full papers.

  • The entire process is managed through the Online Journal System, maintaining professionalism.
  • A double-blind peer-review process ensures developmental feedback for your paper.
  • Crossref provides a DOI link for your manuscript ( DOI prefix: 10.17501).
  • Manuscripts are archived in the Online Journal System (OJS) maintained by TIIKM, linked with Google Scholar to enhance citations.
  • You can share your paper on web-based sources and author profiles to bolster your academic profile.
  • This opportunity can facilitate entry into Ph.D. or Master’s programs and scholarship applications.
  • Publishing your work can boost your career and increase your self-confidence.

Peer-reviewed Journals

As a conference participant you can get the opportunity to submit your full papers to selected prestigious journals which are internationally accredited from renowned publishers.

The author instructions and submission guidelines for your desired journals will be sent to you separately.
All peer reviewed journals are subjecting submissions to the double-blind peer-review process. The decision on publication will depend on the peer-review process. Participants are advised to read the journal’s scope and aim before deciding the suitable journal. We follow universally accepted ethics on publication. Accordingly, a guarantee for publication will not be issued before making the submission and completion of the review process. Publisher does not charge any money for publication of Non-Open Access content.

Beyond the journals featured above, our network extends to a rich collection of special issues of journals, perfectly aligned with the subject areas outlined below.

Regular Issues

South Asian perspectives

This journal is a peer-reviewed one under the auspices of the South Asian Literary Association (established in 1976), provides a global academic platform for the examination and assessment of South Asian languages, literatures, cultures, and arts within a postcolonial framework. The journal's areas of focus include South Asian literature, languages, and studies, among others.

Aim and Scope - Journal focusing on the interface of psychoanalysis and social/cultural theory, it aims to further our understanding of how we live, theorize and transform genders and sexualities.

Human Geopraphy

Aim and Scope - Focusing on debate in human geography and related disciplines on theoretically informed research concerned with gender issues.

Gender Identity

Aim and Scope - Unique experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals in the context of the family.

Gender & Communication

Aim and Scope - Feminist forum for research addressing the relationships between communication and gender.

If your paper resonates with these topics, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for additional information. We are here to provide assistance and support throughout your journal publication journey.

Process of Journal Publication
  • We will guide you to prepare your manuscript to conform to journal requirements through simplified guides.
  • Our publication support will contact you within one week after registering to the conference and guide you on improving submission for your preferred journal will be provided separately via an email.
  • We will help you to follow the guidelines and do the submission precisely.
  • The process might look extremely complicated and tiresome. With our publication support packs, we will support you to navigate the process.
  • Trust our years of experience in supporting conference participants to produce high quality papers for academic journals.

Journals uphold distinct academic standards. Authors are required to meet these standards to have their full papers published in the respective journal. The Publishelp service, introduced by TIIKM, is a complimentary resource designed to assist you in developing your full paper to align with these standards. This is a free service for all the paid participants

How PublisHelp can Supports you ?

Pre-Conference workshops

Prepare for your academic journey with unwavering confidence by enrolling in our pre-conference workshops, where esteemed trainers impart invaluable skills, from refining research questions to strategically structuring your paper

Journal recommendations

Navigate the complex world of scholarly journals with ease by utilizing our personalized journal recommendation service, expertly tailored to your research’s focus and scope, saving you time and ensuring your work gains the recognition it deserves

Paper quality Inspections

Enhance the quality and impact of your academic work with our meticulous paper quality inspection service, providing invaluable insights and recommendations to improve clarity, coherence, and overall excellence.

How PublisHelp can Supports you ?

Eligibility Criteria

You have to be a paid participant for the conference.
Need to have a full paper related your research
**Limited number of opportunities based on a First Come First Serve basis

Application Process

If you meet above criteria, please send your full paper to with the subject “Application for PUBLISHelp Service – Gender & Sexuality 2024”
Please mention your abstract ID in the email body

Editorial Services

We offer a range of Editorial services with the aim of supporting you to success your journey in research publication. These services may subject a fee.

For more details please download the brochure.

If you need assistance in any of these areas, please contact Mr. Thusitha Bulathgama at from our team.

Do you like to join publication community of Gender conference series?

As a Resource Person

Are you a knowledgeable and experience research scholar in the field of Gender Studies. We would like to invite you to join with us a full paper reviewer or a workshop speaker.

As a Volunteer

Are you an undergraduate or post-graduate student who are looking to make a positive impact in your community? We're seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join our vibrant team!

Contact Us

Do you still need our guidance and support on publishing your research? We’re here to help! Our Publication Support service is designed to answer all your questions and assist you in navigating the publication process effectively.



Whom should I contact to get more details regarding the publication?

You can send any of your publication related inquiries to publication@tiikmedu.comWe are ready to answer your all questions and assist you.

Can a paper be published both in conference proceedings and supporting journals?

No. As per the generally accepted publication ethics, the dual publication is not possible. Hence, if you publish in a journal the same paper cannot be included in proceedings vice versa.

What will happen if the full paper deadline is missed/ cannot submit on the deadline?

If you find it difficult to send the full paper by the stipulated time you are advised to request for a deadline extension in advance (The decision will be taken by the publication team).

If you miss the deadline and still interested in submitting the paper after a while, publication team will consider the paper for next scheduled issue of conference proceedings (this can be a second issue of the next year issue)

Do I need to physically present at the conference in order to get the publication opportunity?

No, even the authors who register under online video and virtual category can send their full papers for the publication.

Which document format I should follow when sending the abstract or full paper?

The abstract & full manuscript must be submitted as a MS Word document in .doc format (not as a PDF format).

Do we need to pay extra amount for publication?

No. Conference proceeding publication is complimentary for all conference participants. However, some journals may charge a fee for open access publication. Please refer to the particular journal website for more details.


How can I submit my paper for conference Proceedings?

Authors should submit their full papers for conference proceedings through the Online Journal System (OJS). Authors are provided with three weeks after the conclusion of the conference to submit full papers. The receipt of paper submission will be acknowledged via e-mail within three working days. In the event that you do not receive acknowledgment of your paper within three working days, you are requested to immediately contact the organizing committee.

** Submission guidelines will be sent via an email after the conference

Is there a template available for full papers?

Yes. All papers must be formatted according to the full paper template that can be found in the paper guideline page of conference websites. This template applies for papers sent to conference proceedings.

Where are the conference proceedings/journals indexed?

All accepted full papers sent for proceedings will be published electronically with ISSN in proceedings with the DOI number otherwise in a supportive journal in the conference. We are submitting conference proceedings for possible indexing in renowned indexing sources. Refer journals included in the conference websites to know indexing.

When the conference proceedings will be published online?

Tentatively, it will take three months after the full paper submission deadline to release 1st issue of conference proceedings (This might differ depending on the number of papers we receive and extension of deadlines if any). Number of issues will also depend on the papers that will be receiving for publication.

Journal Publication

How can I submit my paper to supporting journals?

If authors wish to submit papers to supporting journals, they are advised to contact the publication team and communicate journal preference. Afterward, the team will provide you necessary guidelines to make the submission.

What are the criteria for selecting conference papers for journal publication?

Papers which match aims, scope and guidelines of journals will be considered for double-blind peer review by journals. Having written the paper following academic standards and with an international appeal will positively affect selection. The decision of the journal’s editorial board will be final. If the paper is requested for revisions you may have to revise and send it back to the journal.

How long it will take for journal publications?

Publication process in journals are lengthier than that of the conference proceedings. On average, it will take 4-6 months to receive the 1st decision from the journal. Depending on the 1st decision, the publication time will vary.

What will happen if the journals reject papers submitted for possible publication?

If journals reject your full paper, we will consider the paper for conference proceedings after administering double-blind review process.

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