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Workshop on Sexuality part 3

Unlock the full potential of your conference experience by joining our exclusive pre-conference workshop. Engage in interactive sessions, learn from experts, and gain practical insights that will enrich your overall conference experience.

Professor Rachmi Diyah Larasati


Director of Graduate Studies at the Gender,
Women & Sexuality Studies department at the University of Minnesota.

Pre-Conference Workshop on Rethinking Gender and Vision of Knowledge Transformation by Rachmi Diyah Larasati

07th June 2024 | Time : 9.00 AM(IST)

Join us in exploring the dynamic intersection of gender and knowledge transformation at our workshop titled “Rethinking Gender and Vision of Knowledge Transformation.” In this engaging session, we will delve into the intersectionality in practice (Positionality and dedication of feminist method -collective future).

Publication workshop Series

Publication workshop

Are you an academic researcher striving to navigate the complex world of academic publishing? Join our comprehensive workshop designed to guide you through the process of creating impactful research papers and successfully publishing them in renowned journals.

Title: "Excelling in Qualitative and Mixed Methods Manuscripts"

Free Entry to the conference participants

Special Events

World cafe

19th September 2024 | Time : 3.30 – 4.30 (IST)

World Café

Welcome to Gender and Sexuality World Café 2024! Let’s learn together, question ideas, and make connections. Share your thoughts at different tables for interesting conversations. Your voice is important – let’s make this space lively together!

Free Entry to the conference participants

This session welcomes non-conference participants to join. Register only for this Session
  • Join in-person – USD 80
  • Join Virtually – USD 30

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Networking Opportunities

19th September 2024 | Time : 3.30 – 4.30 (IST)

Round Table Discussion

Open to professionals, enthusiasts, and visionaries.

  • Meatal health and Gender Identity
  • Religious Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality
  • Global Perspectives on LGBTQ+ Rights
  • Empowering Transgender Communities
  • Digital Spaces and Online Harassment

Free Entry to the conference participants

This session welcomes non-conference participants to join. Register only for this Session!
  • Join in-person – USD 80
  • Join Virtually – USD 30
Roundtable discussion

Cultural Elegance: A Gala Networking Gala Dinner

Join us at the Gender and Sexuality 2024 gala dinner. Connect with influential leaders, academics, activists, and passionate individuals in Gender and Sexuality Studies. This event offers more than a culinary delight—it’s a space for diverse voices, fostering conversations that transcend boundaries. Immerse yourself in cultural exchange, networking, and celebrating diversity. Don’t miss this chance to connect, share experiences, and be part of a community advancing gender and sexuality studies. Secure your spot for a memorable night of camaraderie and celebration.

Special Rate for the Conference Participants: 35 USD

(This is optional for the conference participants. If you would like to join the networking dinner, please contact the conference secretary secretariat@gender.tiikm.com)

Collaborative Excellence: MoU Signing Ceremony

Join us for a significant and formal occasion during the ICOHT 2024, the MOU Signing Time for Partners. This dedicated session marks a pivotal moment where universities/ organizations come together to formalize their commitment to collaboration and partnership.
Experience the diversity of partnerships as entities from various sectors, including academia, industry, and policy makers, come together to sign Memorandum of Understanding. This diversity reflects the interdisciplinary nature of our conference and the potential for cross-sectoral collaboration.
If your university or organization is interested in formalizing collaboration with other entities in attendance, please reach out to our organizing committee (sectary email) to facilitate the process leading up to the MOU Signing Time. Ensure that your partnership aligns with the conference’s objectives and themes

Networking and Collaboration at the Partner Dinner

We are delighted to host an exclusive gathering for key individuals and representatives of our esteemed partner organizations. The Partner’s Dinner is not just a meal; it’s an opportunity for meaningful discussions, relationship-building, and the exchange of valuable insights among key stakeholders in our vibrant community.

Highlights of the Partner’s Dinner include:

Networking Opportunities: Engage with key decision-makers, thought leaders, and influencers in a relaxed and conducive setting. Connect with like-minded professionals who share a passion for advancing our industry.

Interactive Discussions: Participate in thought-provoking discussions that go beyond the conference sessions. Share your experiences, challenges, and insights with fellow partners, gaining valuable perspectives that contribute to collective growth.

Relationship-Building: Strengthen relationships with your industry peers and potential collaborators. The informal setting of the Partner’s Dinner encourages open dialogue and the establishment of connections that extend beyond the event.

Exclusive Insights: Gain exclusive insights into upcoming trends, collaborative opportunities, and key developments that can impact your organization. Leverage the expertise and knowledge present in the room to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.

(If you would like to join the networking dinner, please contact the conference secretary secretariat@gender.tiikm.com)

“Connect": Exclusive Sessions for Virtual Participants

At Gender and Sexuality 2024, we are committed to inclusivity and ensuring that every participant, regardless of their physical location, has a fulfilling conference experience. Join us virtually, and let’s make this conference a truly global gathering! We are excited to introduce our Special Engagement Sessions exclusively designed for remote participants.

Interactive Discussions: Engage in lively discussions on key conference topics. Our virtual engagement sessions are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations, ensuring that your voice is heard and your insights are valued.

Q&A Sessions: Get direct access to speakers and presenters through dedicated Q&A sessions. Ask your burning questions, share your perspectives, and be an active part of the conversation, all from the comfort of your virtual space.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow virtual participants and expand your professional network. Our virtual engagement sessions provide unique networking opportunities, allowing you to make valuable connections within the conference community.

Note: Detailed schedules and access information for Virtual Engagement Sessions will be provided closer to the conference date. Stay tuned for updates!

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